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  • Welcome to Toddlers' Inn

    Toddlers' Inn daycare and preschool
  • Our philosophy is learning through play as we offer a stimulating environment for children.

    • Full Day Sessions

      Our commitment is to your child’s future, with our experienced teacher’s, small class sizes and innovative programmes.

    • Varied Classes

      Every child in our care is an individual with unique abilities and challenges, therefore treating your child as an individual is what makes our school the only alternative to the care you provide at home.

    • Love & Confidence

      To make children feel loved, worthy and confident in the school community.

    • Face Challenges

      To help children face challenges with confidence which will enable them develop academically, socially, emotionally, spiritually and physically to their full potential.

    • Learning

      To encourage children enjoy learning from a curriculum crafted to suit their individual needs.

  • We have been educating children for over fifteen years. Our goal is to create a place that engages each child.

    Toddlers’ Inn School is dedicated to educate children from different backgrounds and cultures to achieve excellence in their intellectual and personal development by nurturing and applying their talents, gifts, abilities and characters.

    • Maintain a happy, caring environment in which children feel secure to grow and develop intellectually, socially, emotionally, culturally, spiritually and physically to their full potential.
    • Provide a broad and well taught curriculum where children have many wide and varied experiences.
    • Give children opportunities to develop independence and a responsible attitude.
    • Work in partnership with parents.
    • Learning & Fun

      Developmental play is fun for toddlers.

    • Healthy Meals

      Serve up colorful, tasty, nutrient-packed and healthy foods.

    • Friendly Place

      Whether it’s under the sun, in the shade or in the cool air-conditioning, with dozens of toddler-friendly attractions, we have it covered.

    • Children Safety

      Our number one priority. We have information and tools to help protect your toddler or child from injuries and violence.

  • Our Classes

    Our nursery school has four dedicated classes
  • We provided four classes with nine to twenty children each aged twelve month to five years of age.

  • Classrooms are fun and flexible with room for active and independent play and personal space. Our learning centres encourage children learn specific skills through hands on exploration. Daily activities for each area re-enforce our Monthly Themes.

    • Rosebud
      Class name
      • 12-24
        Month olds
      • 20
        Class size
    • Daisy
      Class name
      • 2-3
        Year olds
      • 20
        Class size
    • Sunflower
      Class name
      • 3-4
        Year olds
      • 20
        Class size
    • Lilac
      Class name
      • 4-5
        Year olds
      • 20
        Class size
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